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IVF costs are sky-high, and most insurance companies cover only the bare minimum of the hormones required.

Uninsured portions of the treatments run an estimated ,000 to ,000 per treatment, with no guarantee of a baby at the end.

He was my new boyfriend at the time of my diagnosis and was very patient while waiting for me to be ready to talk more about what this meant for our relationship.

I told him about my diagnosis through a private message on Facebook because he was impossible to get ahold of at the time, and he immediately laughed off my worries that he wouldn't want to be with me.

It is still not known whether MRKH is a genetic condition or a random happenstance during development.My doctor brushed her off, as I am petite and having a lower weight can prevent menstruation.But the closer I got to 16, the more concerned she and the doctor became. This led to blood work, X-rays, chromosome testing, and multiple MRI scans.He had a lot of questions in the beginning, mostly to do with how sex was going to work, naturally. My clitoris, external genitalia, and my breasts are all normally developed, so I've always been able to get off clitorally, but vaginal sex requires from work for people with MRKH.Some women choose to use dilators to gradually stretch their vaginas, but doing it naturally just seems to work better for us.

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